The Bioluminescence Explanation

The bioluminescent glow that is created from physico-chemical reactions starts when dinoflagellate single-celled organisms are disturbed. This typically occurs as a type of defense mechanism that causes a chemical based chain reaction which causes a green, blue glow which will last for as long as this organism is disturbed. The reaction happens due to a highly specific nutrients found in the ocean water that is what sustain these organisms.

Today there are a few bioluminescent bays found on the Island of Vieques. One of the brightest is “Mosquito Bay”. Various aspects need to come together in one location for the bioluminescence in the area if Puerto Mosquito along as elsewhere in order to evolve, these include:

•Mangroves that surround this particular bay that offer the right habitat for a very specific bacterium that produces vitamin B12 in very large quantities which is the metabolic by-product.

•The actual mouth of this particular bay is narrow enough that prevents the water from being flushed out into the sea, which would decrease or dilute dinoflagellate populations.

•These locations are remote which means there is no pollution present.

•The temperature also needs to be constant and warm within in a specific and narrow range.

•The actual water also needs to be calm enough which means that the majority of saltier water will sink and eventually travel back to the ocean caused by the mild undercurrents. This is because these organisms are unable to thrive in saltier water.

•The natural predator population would also need to be low.

The Scientific Bioluminescence Explanation

The reaction that causes bioluminescence is explained as a direct conversion of a chemical energy into a light energy. In regards to the bioluminescent-bay organisms which are Dinoflagellates luminosity is believed to be possible due to defense mechanisms.

This reaction starts with a large-packet creation or a quantum related to light energy such as energy or photon quantum from a specialized type of physico-chemical process. This process involves recombination’s of hyroperoxide or oxide radicals which involves specific molecules which undergo chemical changes when affixed by the enzyme known as substrate D-luciferin, adenosine triphosphate or ATP. This is known as the energy-storing molecules for all living organisms as well as oxygen.

These reactions are controlled by luciferase which is a biological catalyst or enzyme which accelerates as well as controls the speed of chemical reactions that occur inside each of the dinoflagellate cells.